2005-2010 Mustang Mustang GT w/ Long Tube Headers Kooks 3-Inch x 2.50-Inch Catted X-Pipe

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The Kooks 3” Catted X-Pipe is the ideal way to upgrade your exhaust system from head to the final tip. Used as required with Kooks Long Tube Headers, this mid-pipe improves gas flow for bigger power gains, while retaining race-tuned catalytic converters so you can enjoy both greater flow and reduced exhaust emissions.

 Kooks supply this X-Pipe complete with a pair of finely engineered race cats that don’t suffer from the gas-flow restrictions of the stock cats. You can still enjoy reduced exhaust emissions thanks to these cats, only without the sound and power deficit of the factory arrangement.

All the way through, this 3” Catted X-Pipe is a glorious display of craftsmanship and quality materials. Stainless-steel construction, smooth bends, and expert welds mean no more ugly, bulky factory cats hanging under your Mustang to spoil the view.


  • Improved Gas Flow Ups Power and Torque
  • Rich, Bold Mustang Sound
  • Catted X-Pipe Design
  • Includes Kooks High Flow Race Cats
  • 3” Tubing with 2.5” Outlet
  • Stainless Steel With Natural Finish
  • For Off-Road Use Only
  • Must Be Used With Kooks Long Tube Header
  • Not Intended to be Used with Forced Induction Applications
  • Fits 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT