2015+ Mustang Kelltrack Adjustable Drag Struts Front PAIR

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These KellTrac S550 Mustang Mustang industry-first Adjustable Drag Struts for the S550 Mustang were designed, tested and revised for over 1-year! We have taken what we have learned since 2014 and implemented it all into this strut, making it the most powerful and most broad adjustment ranged Single Adjustable Drag Strut ever! By working with one of the world's leading shock manufactures we were able to develop drag race specific compression and rebound valving that is unlike any other stock replacement strut valving on earth! Gone are the old days of wanting a car to "pop wheelies", and gone are the old days of "picking and choosing" a valving that may or may not work. These adjustable KellTrac struts will work on most all drag-race oriented applications, from 7-second heads up racecars to 12-second bracket racing applications.

-Designed to be a stock replacement strut for street/strip use
-Increased extension travel over stock struts
-Adjustable Valving based on power level and surface conditions
-Retains front sway bar, if needed
-Works with OE or aftermarket upper strut mounts and springs
-Designed around OEM fitment specifications
-Constructed of high quality strong steel material
-Quality coating to resist corrosion
-Zero NoiseVibrationHarshness Increase
-Industry First drag race specific adjustable drag race oriented stock replacement strut!

-Promotes more traction when adjusted properly
-Allows for more power to be applied due to increased suspension travel
-Allows user to adjust to various conditions
-Helps prevent excessive wheelies in applicable scenarios
-Helps Reduce Wheel-Hop
-Improves Handling, Traction and Feel
-Retain stock style springs!
-Simple installation