Recaro Classic Pole Position ABE Seat Black Leather/Pepita Fabric

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A thoroughbred racing shell licensed for a sporty ride on the open road. Tried and trusted by the world's most famous secret agent! The RECARO Pole Position (ABE) is the ultimate track-road crossover seat. With a one-piece shell made of carbon aramid (CFRP/AFRP) or glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and flawless ergonomics, no wonder it has a long-standing track record as one of club motorsport's most popular racing shells. Many exclusive car manufacturers upgrade their top performance models with the Pole Position.

Seat with ABE (German general type approval)/component certification with 3-point belt available for many vehicles. For further information on specific vehicles, please contact an authorized RECARO partner (ABE/component certification only in conjunction with RECARO baseframe and sidemount).

RECARO takes pride in its workmanship and traditional handwork during the production process that allows them to deliver products which meet the highest quality standards. They believe in the superior quality and masterly craftsmanship of their products and carefully select only the most precious and top-notch materials for our seats. Even the smallest detail underlines RECARO's claim for premium quality!


  • Comfort:
    • Paddable lumbar support
  • Lightweight:
    • Carbon aramid seat shell (CFRP / AFRP)
    • Composite materials
    • Seat shell glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP)
  • Performance:
    • Integrated headrest
    • Special lateral support in the backrest area
    • Special lateral support in the seat cushion area
    • Specially formed shoulder support
    • Dynamic ride performance
    • Slim design
  • Safety:
    • Suitable for 3-, 4-point belt (street use)
    • Highly fire-resistant upholstery
    • ABE/TUV component certification