Recaro Classic LX Seat Black Leather

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If you're looking for sensible seating that doesn't cut back on individual comfort or sophisticated design, then look no further than the RECARO Classic LX. The moment you sit down, you'll know that it ticks all the boxes.

The seating comfort of the RECARO Classic LX is enhanced by an extendable front seat cushion that helps to relieve strain on the thighs. The combination of structured and breathable cushion material provides optimal climate control, even in extreme temperatures.

RECARO design doesn't take its lead from fleeting fash-ion trends but is shaped by function alone. For years, Frank Beermann's team has been responsible for industrial design. They create the timeless aesthetic that gives all RECARO seats a contemporary look, whatever the current whims of fashion. RECARO can offer you many different options to change the look of your RECARO seat so that it perfectly complements your classic car. Their range of cover materials includes a variety of authentic, premium quality polyester-free fabrics, as well as leather. REACARO exclusive seat leather is produced in Italy using sustainable, carbon-neutral methods.

True craftsmanship.
A great deal oftraditional craftsmanship goes into each REACRO seat. From the delicate seams and seat upholstery to the superb finish, the finely honed skills of each craftsmen shine through. Not even the tiniest detail escapes their expert eye, ensuring that every single feature underlines RECARO's claim to premium status.

Original cover fabrics.
Do you want your RECARO seats to have the car manufacturer's original cover fabric? Your wish is our command! RECARO cover fabric range includes classic options such as checkered fabric as well as other traditional brand cover fabrics. If you have any questions about the RECARO original fabric covers, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

RECARO Classic LX.Features:

  • Paddable lumbar support.
  • Backrest can be folded far forwards for easy access to the back seats.
  • Individual seat depth adjustment (480 to 530 mm).
  • Side bolsters in the backrest.
  • Seat rib upholstery for optimal body fit.
  • Fully upholstered headrests as standard.
  • Backrest adjustment and front folding mechanism on both sides of the seat