Nitrous Express Purge Valve System (4AN)

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The NX Purge System is designed to purge the air from your nitrous lines to allow immediate activation of your Nitrous system. This System includes a Lightning solenoid, push button for activation, and a vent tube to direct the purged nitrous out of the solenoid. The Purge system can also be used to lower the bottle pressure for spot on nitrous performance every time you activate the system

 "Snow" the crowd with the impressive effect of a cool nitrous purge cloud. Purging your lines before a run is an impressive way to make an entrance - and is a great way to get the respect your Mustang deserves.


  • Improves Run Times
  • Great Purge Cloud Effect
  • Purges Nitrous Lines
  • Primes Nitrous System
  • D-4 Manifold