Nitrous Express Heavy Duty Fully Automatic Bottle Heater

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Get your bottle pressure up to optimum operating levels by warming it up with a Nitrous Express bottle heater. If your bottle is cold, you're losing precious power by not having enough pressure in your lines when it's time to fly. This bottle heater gets your system warmed up and ready for action - so your Mustang puts down its quickest and most consistent times.

Unlike other systems that rely on bottle temperature readings, this system takes actual pressure readings and adjusts to maintain ideal pressure for maximum performance. With a powerful surface heater that can exceed 300 degrees at the surface, this heater can take your bottle from ice cold to ready to run in minutes.


  • Heats Bottle to Optimum Temperature
  • Pressure Controlled
  • Adjustable from 900 to 1,200 PSI
  • Includes All Wiring, Hardware, & Brackets
  • Works with D-4 Valves