Kooks 3-Valve Exhaust Header Gaskets (2005-2010 GT)

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You cannot overstate the importance of a quality set of gaskets when you want to install a new set of headers or reinstall the trusted stock manifolds. That's why the Kooks 3-Valve Exhaust Header Gaskets are specifically designed to prevent exhaust leaks that can rob you of your precious power. These gaskets assure you not only maintain good performance, but also improve it in the case of a header replacement.

 The Kooks 3-Valve Exhaust Header Gaskets are designed to function at peak levels even in the harshest conditions. This pair is blowout and burnout proof, ensuring they won't fail due to high temperatures—or even leak.


  • Replaces Worn-Out Gaskets
  • Made from Dead Soft Aluminum
  • Provides a Leak-Free Seal
  • Blowout and Burnout Proof
  • Conveniently Reusable
  • Comes as a Pair
  • Made in the US
  • Easy and Direct Installation
  • Compatible with All 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT Models