2010-2014 Mustang GT500 JLT Induction Kit with Red Oil Filter

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If you’re thinking of giving your GT500 an upgrade in both performance and exhaust sound, then the JLT Induction Kit with Oiled Filter is exactly what you need. This induction kit’s turbulence-free design provides your intake with large amounts of cold air, ensuring a more complete combustion. This results in improved performance numbers, taking your Mustang’s already awesome performance to the next level. Additionally, this induction kit gives your Mustang that familiar aggressive whine that comes with more power.

The JLT Induction Kit with Oiled Filter gets its performance upgrade through its turbulence-free design and construction. What's more, it doesn’t require you to re-tune your ECU to work properly. However, a re-tune in the future can definitely help you vehicle realize this induction kit’s full potential.

The JLT Induction Kit uses a special high performance oiled air filter that’s capable of protecting your engine from contaminants. This air filter is easy to clean and oil using an appropriate filter cleaning kit, providing years of excellent filtration. This air filter is designed to maximize airflow into your engine for superior performance.

The JLT Induction Kit with Oiled Filter is manufactured from high-quality heat-resistant plastic. Its inlet tube is roto-molded for consistency, eliminating areas where turbulence may occur. This design and construction ensures efficient induction of cold air into your intake. Finally, this induction kit features a tough textured black finish.

The JLT Induction Kit with Oiled Filter is designed as a drop-in and bolt-on assembly, using your Mustang’s stock air system location. No modifications are required, and all hardware is included for a straightforward installation procedure.


  • Overall Performance Improvement
  • Faster Throttle Response
  • Resilient Roto-Molded Plastic Construction
  • Textured Black Finish
  • No Tune Required
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
  • CARB EO Number: D-761-2
  • Fits All 2010 to 2014 Ford Mustang GT500 Models