2005-2010 Mustang GT JLT 3.0 Satin Oil Separator Driver Side

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JLT 05-10 Ford Mustang GT/Bullitt/Saleen Driver Side Oil Separator 3.0 - Clear Anodized


Prevent engine sludge from hampering the power and performance of your 2005-2010 GT Mustang by installing a JLT Version 3.0 Air/Oil Separator. Crankcase exhaust gases (better known as blow-by) is an oily vapor that re-enters through your engines PCV system and will gradually coat the inside of your throttle body and intake manifold. Overtime this oily residue can thicken and become engine sludge which will rob you of power. However, an Air/Oil Separator (sometimes known as a catch can) will capture these blow-by gases before they are able to re-enter the system to prevent the formation of this engine sludge. A JLT 3.0 Separator is a must have upgrade for all GT and Bullitt owners that want to prevent the formation of this sludge in order to maintain peak power and performance.



  • Reduces Blow-By and Engine Sludge
  • Version 3.0 - 3 oz Capacity
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Filter with Fine Mesh Screen
  • Solid Billet Aluminum Construction
  • Clear Anodized Satin Finish
  • Easy Plug-And-Play Installation
  • Drivers Side (PCV Side) Kit
  • Includes New PCV Line with Quick Connect Fittings
  • Fits 2005-2010 GT and Bullitt Mustangs