2007-2014 Mustang GT500 Injector Dynamics High Impedance ID1700x Fuel Injectors

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With Injector Dynamics’ High Impedance ID 1700x Injectors, your Ford Mustang GT500’s power will significantly improve. This injector set is designed to deliver high fuel flow rates, making it the perfect upgrade for extremely high horsepower applications. Plus, these injectors display a heavy-duty build, so they’ll stay in good condition even if they’re constantly exposed to high pressures.

Thanks to a lengthy development program, these injectors are designed with a unique magnetic circuit. With this feature, the injectors are immune to voltage and pressure sensitivity problems, which plague many aftermarket models. In addition, the injectors boast remarkable durability, allowing them to work flawlessly under high pressures.

This set of injectors have corrosion resistant internals, so they can work with methanol, ethanol, and all known hydrocarbon fuels. This also means that these injectors will have no problem accommodating E85 fuels.


  • Enhances Mustang’s Fuel Flow and Power
  • Has a 1725 CC/Min Flow Rate
  • Electrical Connector Is a USCAR Model
  • E85 Fuel Compatible
  • Tuning Is Required
  • Sold in a Set of 8
  • Compatible With All 2007-2014 Ford Mustang GT500 Models