1988-2010 Mustang GT; 1999-2004 Cobra Injector Dynamics High Impedance ID1300x Fuel Injectors

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Featuring a EV14 style body with a USCAR electrical connector these high-impedance fuel injectors flow 127 lb/hr (1340 cc/min) and are specifically designed for high performance applications.

These 127lb injectors are not recommended for stock applications. Re-calibration of the MAF and a custom tune are required. In the event you're using a custom or aftermarket harness, there are conversion kits available that allow you to convert your connectors from Jetronic/Minitimer to USCAR and reversely from USCAR to Jetronic/Minitimer.


  • More Fuel for More Power
  • Designed for High Performance Race Applications
  • 1340 Cc/Min (127 lbs./Hr.) Flow Rate
  • EV14 Body Style
  • USCAR Connector
  • Sold as a Set of 8
  • Fits 1988-2010 GT and 1999-2004 Cobra Mustangs