2011-2014 GT and Mustang V6 Eibach Pro-Damper Shock and Strut Kit

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Eibach developed their Pro-Damper shocks and struts to complement their Pro-Kit and Sportline springs, taking full advantage of the increased spring rate and lower center of gravity. The end result is an improvement in handling and performance, with a controlled compliant Ride.

Eibach engineers precision tune the Pro-Damper shocks damping characteristics to achieve maximum performance, without unnecessary stiffness or ride harshness for use with the Pro-Kit and Sportline springs. Eibach Pro-Damper Shock Absorbers are truly the pinnacle of shock absorber technology.

The Pro-Damper Shock Absorbers are an essential part of Eibachs Three Step's to improve your Mustangs performance and handling. Step One - Pro-Kit or Sport-Line Springs. Step Two - Pro-Damper Shock Absorbers. And Step Three Anti-Roll Kit. When combined all together your Pony will achieve Super Street Performance without sacrificing ride quality.


  • Improves Handling and Performance
  • Complements Eibach Springs and Swaybars
  • Precision Tuning
  • Includes Two Rear Shocks and Two Front Struts
  • Fits 2011-2014 V6 and GT Mustangs