2011-2017 Mustang V6 DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors 50 lbs

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Making any power gain modifications to your Mustang means it's going to need more fuel to perform. Luckily, giving your performance Pony what it needs is simple. DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors deliver 525 cc per minute of rich, atomized fuel, providing your with smoother idling and better overall drivability.

 DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors are built with stainless steel and boast world-class copper coils to power your Mustang for years to come. Every fuel injector they make is put through painstaking calibration and testing to ensure consistent pulse widths, perfect atomization and uninterrupted flow.

DeatschWerks designs their application-specific fuel injectors to fit your OE fuel rail, manifold or harness, plus they include a range of o-rings, making your install as quick and simple as possible. In fact, with some basic mechanical skills, you will have them installed in less than two hours.


  • Unleashes Horsepower Potential
  • Flow Rate: 50 Lbs/Hr, 525 cc/Min
  • Body Type: 40mm EV14
  • Connector Style: USCAR
  • 4 OHM Coil (High) Impedance
  • Comes as a Set of Six Injectors
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fits Any 2011-2017 Mustang V6