2003-2004 Mustang Cobra; 2005-2023 Mustang GT; 2015-2020 Mustang GT350; Mustang GT500 DeatschWerks EV14 DV2 Fuel Injectors 1500cc

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 What do you do with the most advanced, most widely regarded high-tech fuel injector in the industry today? You put it on your Mustang for the best performance you've ever driven. The DeatschWerks DV2 1500CC Fuel Injector is a new line that includes Bosch EV14 Technology, 1500. It's designed to provide your ride with higher flow rates and faster response times with just about any type of race fuel, including ethanol blends (E85). DV2 injectors harness the power of your upgraded force induction system to maximize fuel consumption at race performance levels. These injectors provide a flow rate of 1,000 CC @ 3 bar-best on the DV dynamic testing team. This will offer your engine the best spray pattern, which optimizes fuel consumption at idle and tuning speeds.

The DeatschWerks DV2 1500 Fuel Injectors feature low mass injection valves, high energy coils, precise ball and seat sealing surfaces, compact housings, and stainless steel internals. This means your DV2 injector is built to last when using any type of race fuel; including ethanol based (E85), which can corrode and break down many injector systems, especially original factory installed ones. You can be assured of the best quality because the DW DV2 injectors are backed by a 3-year comprehensive warranty.


  • Bosch EV14 Technology
  • 1000CC/min. @ 3bar Flow Rate
  • USCAR Connector
  • E85 Compatible
  • Excellent Spray Pattern & Atomization
  • Optimizes Idle & Tuning
  • Stainless Steel Internals for Race Fuels Compatibility
  • Electrical Connectors Included
  • Sold in Sets of Eight 
  • 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • Fits 2003-2004 Cobra, 2005-2023 GT and 2015-2020 GT350, GT500 Mustangs