2015-2021 Mustang EcoBoost/V6/GT Steeda Non-Performance Pack Handling Kit

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Let Steeda take your Non-Performance Package S550 Mustang's handling above and beyond the OE Performance Pack option, and the competition! Our Steeda suspension packages have been long sought out by competitive racers, weekend warriors, and daily drivers. With this new Steeda S550 Mustang GT 'Non-Performance Pack' Handling Kit for your Mustang GT you will notice a dramatic difference in the way your car handles and rides. We have spent countless hours making sure all components are fine-tuned to our specifications.

The Steeda Mustang Sport Progressive Springs that come in our Steeda S550 Mustang GT 'Non-Performance Pack' Handling Kit will lower your vehicle 1.125" in the front and 1" in the rear. This Steeda progressive spring will be the foundation of your new suspension set up. It will optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry of your Mustang GT, resulting in a reduction in nose dive, launch squat, and body roll. These springs will maintain your OE ride quality, but will give you far more responsiveness than any OE spring.

Our Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates are great for both street and track use. Our camber plates come into play especially when lowering your vehicle. With the addition of our new adjustable strut mounts on your lowered 'Stang you will be able to correct excessive negative camber and increase your front steering response. If you lowered your daily driven S550 Mustang, running the correct camber will eliminate uneven tire wear. With the addition of these camber plates you will be able to dial in precise front suspension camber for each front toe adjustments resulting in a more balanced and predictable vehicle on the street or track. You will notice improved overall handling capabilities, elimination of understeer and increase in your Mustang's turn-in response.

The Steeda sway bars are all adjustable and able to be fine-tuned for your specific need. Stronger and more stout material used in our sway bars give your S550 Mustang added stability when cornering by decreasing body roll. What sets our sway bars apart from other bars on the market is the press-fit welded billet ends. Most manufacturers will stamp the ends of their sway bars and call it a day, this results in a weak point in the bar that is prone to cracking, fatigue, or sway bar failure. Our sway bar's press-fitted ends are less prone to cracking/fatigue failure, reduce unwanted deflection in the sway bar, and last longer than any sway bar on the market.

Our Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Link is another key component in our Steeda S550 Mustang GT 'Non-Performance Pack' Handling Kit. Our Steeda toe links are TIG-welded and powder-coated for long-lasting protection. These toe links feature 1" of on-car adjustability to dial in the perfect rear toe for any track day. With proper toe adjustment you will notice great handling response during daily driving and spirited driving.

We have assembled this kit with the Ford Performance Package suspension shocks and struts to pull all the kit together. This kit comes complete with track front struts/dampers, track rear shocks and thread-lock. This kit comes standard on GT and EcoBoost Performance Pack models and are fine-tuned by Ford Engineers for optimal performance. The stock spring perch will need to be reused to properly install this kit.

With the combination of Steeda suspension engineering and Ford engineering, our Steeda S550 Mustang GT 'Non-Performance Pack' Handling Kit will completely change the way your new Mustang GT handles. You will notice a dramatic reduction in body roll, brake dive, and launch squat - you will also notice an improvement all around in handling including steering response, corner handling, and overall handling feel without sacrificing the luxury of your new 2015+ Mustang GT's ride quality.

Package Includes
  • 555-8210 - 2015-2019 Steeda Mustang Sport Springs - Progressive
  • 555-1015 - 2015-2019 Steeda Mustang Front Sway Bar
  • 555-1016 - 2015-2019 Steeda Mustang Rear Sway Bar
  • 555-4120 - 2015-2019 Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Rear Toe Links
  • 555-8139 - 2015-2019 Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates
  • FR3Z-18124K - 2015-2019 Ford Performance Pack Front Struts
  • FR3Z-18125L - 2015-2019 Ford Performance Pack Rear Shocks

Note: Requires alignment after installation.

Note: Front Sway bar will not fit vehicles equipped with MagneRide Suspension

Product Benefits

  • Dramatic increase in overall vehicle handling
  • Improved steering response, corner handling, and handling feel
  • Reduced body roll, brake dive, and launch squat
  • Adjustable Steeda components help dial in your handling to your liking

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