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RTR Vehicles Suspension Validation
RTR didn’t just add “2024” to their fitment guide like the rest of the market. In 2015, every RTR Tactical Performance Suspension component was meticulously tested when the S550 Mustang debuted. With the release of the S650 Mustang, their engineering team went back to the track to ensure that each component of their RTR Tactical Performance suspension line not only fits, but functions and performs to their demanding standards.

We are fortunate to have the expertise of professional driver, Billy Johnson, who has been a development driver for Ford Motor Company and Multimatic Motorsports during the validation stages of the Shelby GT350/R, 2016 Ford GT, Ford GT GTE/GTLM, Mustang GT4, FP350S, and the 2020 GT500. We took to the track with Billy behind the wheel of their 2024 Mustang GT in both stock and Mustang RTR Spec 2 trims. His expertise and invaluable feedback allowed us to perfect their RTR Tactical Performance Suspension components based on real-world testing. This testing, combined with nearly 20,000 street miles allows RTR to offer its customers specific suspension setting for the Seventh-Generation Mustang—something no other company outside of Ford can claim.

RTR's Tactical Performance Suspension components reduced lap times by nearly 2-seconds during testing, when compared to the OEM Mustang GT Performance Package suspension. Lap times were further reduced by an additional 1.2 seconds when wider wheels and tires were added. All while remaining compliant and comfortable enough for daily use.

The adaptability and versatility of the RTR suspension components truly set them apart from every competing product on the market. Whether integrated together as a system for an unparalleled driving experience, or utilized as standalone components to fit each customer’s specific wants and needs, its adjustability caters to every driver's unique style, no matter how they use their Mustang.

After a series of suspension validation tests, purposeful adjustments have been made to their existing components, guaranteeing a precise fit, flawless functionality, and increased performance on any S550 or S650 Ford Mustang! RTR’s extensive development and validation testing allows us the unique ability to offer chassis-specific suspension setting recommendations based on real-world testing with both chassis.

Sleek Muscle Car Stance
Not only does a set of RTR Tactical Performance Lowering Springs improve the handling performance of ytheir Mustang, but they also improve its overall appearance. By lowering the ride height 1.1" up front and 0.8" in the rear these RTR Performance Springs will eliminate that huge tire to fender gap, for a sleek muscle car stance without the rear sag that other kits have when they lower the front and rear the same amount.

Stock and Aftermarket Wheels & Tire Clearance
These lowering springs were engineered to be compatible with ytheir factory size wheels and tires, as well as some aftermarket wheel and tire combo kits (specific to each generation), to assure proper clearance with no rubbing issues.

This set of RTR Tactical Performance Lowering Springs was developed to create the perfect drop-in regards to both appearance and performance and have been specifically designed for use in 2015 - 2024 GT and EcoBoost Mustangs.

Technical Note
The Springs are not compatible with vehicles equipped with the MagneRide Suspension.


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