2007-2014 GT500 2011-2014 Mustang GT VMP Mondoblade 137mm Throttle Body

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  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Increases of 5-8 percent rwhp
  • Comes assembled and tested with the factory “native” electronics
  • Works 2011-2014 (Gen 1 Coyote) Mustang and F-150 5.0 L, and 2005-2014 Shelby GT500
  • Fits common VMP, Shelby supercharger openings, in addition to Cobra jet intake manifold
  • Monoblade design provides for a combination of high flow, driveability, and tunability
  • Recommended for naturally aspirated applications and power adders in the 700-1000 rwhp range
Size and fitment:
  • Based on the GT500 bolt-pattern
  • Blade measures 66 mm tall x 148 mm wide
  • Smaller blade design is extremely easy to tune
  • The "137" designates the surface area of the opening. Measuring and naming throttle bodies by blade width is not accurate for flow potential. VMP has chosen to designate their line of monoblade throttle bodies by surface area.
The more air that flows into your engine, the more power it'll generate. An easy way to bolt on an additional 5 to 8 percent rwhp, is to upgrade the stock throttle body. 

Designed to be extremely user friendly, the VMP 137 monoblade is a great solution for Mustang and F-150 owners who want the power boost of a monoblade with better driveability and idle performance than many larger monoblades. Made to be right at home on the street or track, the VMP 137 throttle body can be used on completely stock or modified engines.

Built with the same electronics found on Ford Gen 1 Coyote Mustangs and F-150s, VMP's throttle bodies include electronics, are tested, and set. Simply bolt the VMP throttle body onto the vehicle and load the proper tune. 

VMP’s throttle bodies with native electronics alleviate idle and fail safe issues, save time, and money. They also have an improved gear ratio, greater motor torque, and more precise TPS readings. We recommend a proper tune to mitigate any issues.

Tuning recommendations:

  • Load proper effective area and open loop FFTA tables for your application
  • Set max throttle angle limit to 85 degrees (stock value)
  • Load factory 2011-2014 gear ratio and TPC parameters
  • VMP offers custom tunes for all of our products
Signs of mismatched throttle body electronics or improper tuning:


  • P2112 throttle actuator control system stuck closed
  • “Wrench light” or “fail safe mode” computer detects a tuning or mechanical issue with the drive by wire system
  • Also, P2104, P2111, P2110, P060B
Note: requires coil and valve cover modification to fit Roush supercharged Mustangs. Not recommended for use on Roush superchargers - see the VMP Twinjet 67 mm throttle body for a direct replacement.

Includes: VMP 137 Monoblade Throttle body for 2005-2014 Shelby GT500/2011-2014 (Gen 1) Coyote 5.0 L (VMP-M137-G)

Recommended: 36 in PNP harness extension (VMP-INM030)
Weight: 5.75 lbs