2003-2004 Mustang Cobra LFP Extreme Intercooler Chiller Core

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Lightning Force Performance is pleased to announce our new Performance Intercooler Chiller Core for 2003-2004 Ford SVT Cobra Mustangs. This is a Custom Piece Billed To Order with a 2 Week Build Time!

The factory Mustang intercooler has inherent design flaws causing only a portion of the hot incoming air to be cooled while passing through the factory intercooler.  One of these flaws is fluid getting clogged inside the cooling tubes causing water to stagnate and become hot which results in a much hotter IAT2 Temperature.   This is why aftermarket cooling products such as the LFP Extreme Dual Pass Intercooler Heat Exchanger are popular to help cool the water before it even reaches the intercooler.   In essence, the factory Cobra intercooler removes only a portion of the heat from the air charge which is why heat soak and power loss are common among Ford SVT Cobras, especially during the hot summer months. The air charge is constantly monitored by the vehicles computer and has a direct impact on the engine timing which is essential in making horsepower.