2003-2004 Mustang Cobra LFP Extreme Dual Pass Intercooler Heat Exchanger

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LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger 2003-04 Cobra 

LFP's NEW Dual Pass design incorporates the latest engineering & technology for enhanced coolant flow and improved thermal stabilization. Cooler intake temperatures mean more power. It is just that simple. However providing your engine with cool air to breathe becomes even more difficult when forced induction is involved Ford's potent supercharged V8 is no exception. This is why ford designed a separate intercooling system for the supercharger on their popular F150 lightning and Cobra Mustang. The ford system utilizes a heat exchanger mounted low in the front grill which is very similar to a small radiator. Coolant flows separate from the main engine cooling system and circulates internally through the intercooler beneath the supercharger. This design is a true bolt in performance upgrade, no modifications to the vehicle are necessary. While the factory supercharger cooling system is adequate in stock configuration, it struggles to keep up with the multitude of popular modifications that not only deliver more power, but also increase the stress to the intercooler system. Adding an LFP Extreme Heat Exchanger will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep the power that you worked so hard to obtain. Keep the power in your Pony!**This does not require any cutting or modifications to vehicle to install.


Dimensions: 30X3X6