1986-Mid 2001 Mustang GT; 1993-1998 Mustang Cobra Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit; 10-Spline

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Ideal Replacement. If you drive your Mustang like it's meant to be driven, it's easy to burn out your weak stock clutch. If you're starting to feel your Mustang's clutch slipping or are getting that unmistakeable burning clutch smell, an Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 clutch is an affordable, upgraded OE style replacement that will fit your budget and your driving style.

Great for Daily Drivers. The Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 clutch combines an organic compound disc with a high clamp pressure plate that delivers superior durability with stock-like driveability. The Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 clutch is the perfect clutch for the street-driven, mildly modded, daily driven Mustang. Exedy's Stage 1 clutch firms up your pedal for a sporty feel without the on-off characteristics of a true race clutch and is good to 365 ft-lbs of torque at the Rear Wheels.

Premium Quality. The Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 clutch is designed to offer the durability of an upgraded performance clutch with the main focus on keeping the great street driveability of a stock unit. All of Exedy's discs feature spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.

This Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 Clutch is designed for the 1986-1995 5.0, the 1993-1998 SVT Cobra, and the 1996-Mid 2001 GT Mustangs with the T-5, or T-45 manual 10-spline transmission.
  • Disc Dimensions: 265mm outer diameter
  • 10 Spline
  • Torque Rating @ Flywheel: 438 ft-lbs
  • Torque Rating @ Rear Wheels: 365 ft-lbs
  • Includes throwout bearing, pilot bearing & alignment tool


Note: Because Ford made changes to the Mustang GT and Bullitt in mid year of 2001, be sure to check and see what kind of transmission type you have before ordering. 



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