2003-2004 Mustang Cobra LFP Extreme Supertank Intercooler Reservoir

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LFP Supertank Intercooler Reservior 2003-04 Mustang Cobra

  • 100% Tig Welded Aluminum
  • 5x's larger and much more efficient in its ability to cool over stock
  • Mounts in 15min. or less
  •  4'' Fuel Cell Door for packing Ice
  • Choose from: Standard, Powdercoated Black or Polished Finishes!!

The new enhanced LFP Super Tank is 100% Tig Welded Aluminum. The LFP Supertank comes race ready with fluid capacity 5x the stock plastic reservoir. The increased fluid capacity in itself works wonders for maintaining proper operating temperatures, which keeps intake air charge temps on your Eaton lower for consistently longer periods of time. It Mounts directly into stock position in about 15 min. with no relocating of your battery, or modifying, cutting, or drilling brackets.

For that high spirited Pony racing on street or strip, Lightning Force Performance provides you with a 4'' fuel cell door which allows for packing ice. This has shown an instant drop in fluid temps by as much as 30 plus degrees. This equals more RWHP and RWTQ.

Tested, Race proven at World Ford Challenge 8, in St. Louis, by Strictly Performance and Dyno Speed Racing both picking up 5mph in the 1/4 mile compared to their previous run without Lightning Force Performance's Supertank Intercooler Reservoir.