2015-2021 Mustang Morimoto XB LED Tail Lights

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If you want to evoke the iconic look of the Ford GT in your 2015-2021 Ford Mustang, these Morimoto XB LED Tail Lights are the way to go. Not only will your car sport a head-turning appearance, you’ll also get a bright, instant-on response that heightens safety. The casing is made out of ABS thermoplastic and the lens is red polycarbonate, which ensures the lights’ long life, durability, toughness, and resistance against the elements.

These tail lights are fitted with LED bulbs from a trusted company - SSC. They are known for producing extra-bright lights that consume very low power. Meanwhile, the housing and lens are made from injection-molded, ABS thermoplastic and red polycarbonate, respectively. These materials ensure the tail lights’ durability, toughness, and resistance against water, UV rays, chemicals, and other harsh substances.

There is no need for cutting wires or additional components to install these tail lights. They are designed for a plug-and-play installation using the stock mounting points, and all the hardware you need is already included in the kit. It can take about 30 to 45 minutes to install these tail lights properly.

  • LED Tail Lights With Iconic Ford GT-Inspired Design
  • Instant-On Light Response
  • Bright, Efficient LED Bulbs from SSC
  • Impact-Proof Polycarbonate Lens
  • Tough and Durable ABS Housing
  • Waterproof Rating of IP67
  • Certified by the DOT, ECE, and SAE
  • Straightforward Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Covered by a 10-Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Fits All 2015-2021 Ford Mustangs