2015-2017 Mustang GT JLT CONVERSION KIT for JLT kit to fit 2018 manifold

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jJLT CONVERSION KIT for  2015-17 GT (JLT kit to fit 2018 manifold)  Looking for that extra hit from an '18 mani swap?  This is it.


This kit is for those with a 2015-17 Mustang GT with JLT CAI that swaps to the 2018 manifold.

The 2018 manifold's throttle body angle puts the intake tube into the hood. This kit includes our GT350/2018 GT tube that was designed for the lower hood line of these cars and clears the hood.

The tube is also larger at 120mm and will require a tune!

Due to the larger MAF we have seen 2-6 RWHP on an auto car with stock exhaust. We would expect much more on a modified car.

We only install the PCV fitting so no need to search for ways to plug the unused fittings.


  • JLT 120mm intake tube with PCV fitting
  • 4.5"-3.5" silicone reducer (4.5"-4" available for those with larger throttle bodies)
  • Clamps